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Frequently asked questions

What designs are available?


There are many different designs available and I try my best to find the one that will suit your needs. Basically if it is available as a fabric, I can try and make it.  Fabrics are available in different widths and lengths so on occasion this may limit what size blanket is available, but I do everything I can to find a solution.  Please have a look at my Gallery for some inspiration.


What size blanket should I choose?


This is personal preference.  Lap pads are ideal for using in the car or at school.  The 1.5m blanket is the most popular size as it is still mobile, whereas the large one is great for bed time.


What weight blanket do I need?


It is suggested that the blanket should weigh approximately 10% of the user's body weight.  It is your responsibilty to weigh the user and decide on the weight of the blanket.  The user should have the strength and mobility to be able to remove the blanket on their own.  Please see my weight guide for more information.


How long does the blanket take to make?


This depends on the design, and wether I have to order a specific fabric. The blankets are made to order so  you will usually recieve your order within three weeks.


What are the delivery costs?


UK delivery for blankets and Inbetweeners is included in the price. Lap pads and cushions have a £5 additional charge for UK delivery.  I send your order using a courier which deliver between 8am and 8pm.  I am confident that I have found the cheapest method of delivery, and so far they have been very reliable.


Do you ship outside of the UK?


I do not ship products overseas.  From experience, the postage is so high I do not feel it represents good value for money compared to something you can buy locally.


Why do you only accept payments through PayPal?


This is a good way for me to keep costs down and a very secure method of payment.  It is a very easy method of payment and PayPal are able to resolve any disputes so you can have much the same assurance as if you use a credit card.  You do not need to register for Paypal to pay by card.


Are the blankets washable?


Yes.  They should be washed at no higher than 30 degrees on a slow spin.  Please check the maximum weight allowance for you washing machine before washing your blanket.  DO NOT tumble dry or iron weighted blankets.