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All of my blankets are lovingly hand made so please understand that all sizes and weights are approximate.  My blankets have been self-certified to CE standards and I do my best to uphold a high standard of quality.  The blankets are weighted with polyethylene pellets, similar to those used in weighted soft toys.  These are hypoallergenic and the preferred medium for weighting blankets.  The pellets are securely contained within a cotton lining, and the outer blanket is made from either fleece, cottons or a mixture of both in a design of your choice.


Please have a look in my gallery where there are a number of designs to help inspire you.  I am willing to make the blanket to most designs, as long as the material is available.

There is no definite rule on what size blanket should be used, but it is suggested that it should be around 10% of the user’s body weight.  The most important thing to remember is that the user should be able to easily push it off themselves if needed.


Not all people need the maximum weight, for example many teens and adults prefer the 3.5kg -4kg blanket to blankets with a weight greater than 5kg.


The following weights are intended as a guide only and show the child’s weight with the suggested blanket weight


2 - 3 stone person = 1.5kg blanket

3 - 4 stone person = 2.5kg blanket

4 - 5 stone person = 3kg blanket

5 - 6 stone person = 3.5kg blanket

6 - 8 stone person = 4 kg blanket

8 stone and over   =  5kg blanket


Important care and safety information


I make blankets with much love and care, however i do not accept any responsibility for any harm that may occur while using my products. My weight information refers to the overall weight of the blanket and is an approximation. It is your responsibility to check which blanket weight you require and make sure the blanket is of a safe weight for the user.


It is important to make sure the blanket is being used only for the purpose it is intended and that you regularly check your blanket for signs of wear and tear.


I would not suggest using a weighted blanket for anyone under 2 years of age or by anyone who has strength or mobility issues that may make removing the blanket from them difficult. It is most important the user is able to easily move the weighted blanket from their bodies.


I am not a professional, i am just a mum trying to help others. I do not accept any responsibility for any injury that may result from using my item. You should only allow your children to use these items under adult supervision and check regularly for signs of wear and tear

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My products are CE self certified, meaning I have complied to specific guidlines to ensure that my product is designed and made to a standard, considered safe, using quality components.


Please wash at 30 degrees and use a slow spin.  DO NOT  exceed the weight capacity of your washing machine.  DO NOT tumble dry. Check your blankets for signs of wear and tear to make sure no weighted pellets can get loose. DO NOT EAT ANY PART OF YOUR ITEM. If you have doubt about the suitability of weighted therapy please seek professional advise.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information about my products