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1.5m long 1kg
Weighted Snake
Weighted snakes are weigthed with a heavy  toy stuffing. The snakes is sewn into section so that the stuffing is keept where it should be and not dislodges during use.
Large weighted Snake
Climb inside and explore your own space. The stretchy fabric offers soft resistance as you move and explore.  Great for sensory seekers.  Available in four sizes.
Body Stretchy
APPROX 1m x 50cm this shoulder wrap is idea to drape over the body.
Shoulder Wrap
A very mobile lap pad, ideal for use in school or the car, especially for smaller children.  These are approximately 50cm x 50cm and can be made in various designs. These are available in 1kg (2.2lbs), 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and 2kg (4.4lbs).
Lap Cushions
A  full size lap pad, ideal for use at home, in school or in the car.  These can help with fidgeting and restlessness and some believe can aid concentration.  These are approximately 75cm x 50cm and can be made in many designs as well as plain colous. Available in 2.5kg (5.5lbs) and 3kg (6.6lbs)
Lap pads
A small weighted blanket, approx 90cm X 90cm
The InBetweener
Approiximately 90cm x 90cm can be made from 2 fabrics or from plush on both sides.
Double PLUSH Inbetweener
Junior 1 Fabric
Junior 2 Fabrics
Child's junior blanket made with Plush fabric on both sides
Junior double PLUSH
Child's Single 1 Fabric
Child's Single 2 Fabrics
Single Blanket plus lap pad
A bundle including a single sized blanket made with Plush fabric on both sides plus a lap pad
Single PLUSH blanket plus lap pad
ONE DESIGN OPTION - Single bed size blanket
Adult Single 1 FABRIC
TWO DESIGN OPTION - Single bed size blanket
Adult Single 2 FABRIC
Single sized blanket made from Plush fabric on both sides
Single PLUSH double sided
Suitable for use on a double bed.  Please contact me before ordering as design choices are limited in this size.
Double weighted blanket
Approximately 220cm x 200cm. A weighted blanket suitable for king size beds.  Please  contact me before ordering as design choices are limited for this size.
King size weighted blanket
Prize is an Easter hamper. please see my facebook page for more information.
Raffle Tickets

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Please remember, this is a personalised service where items are made to order.  Please contact me to discuss your design BEFORE making your purchase, so that I can check availability and make sure you are happy with your choice.


Please be aware that I use your PayPal address for delivery.  It is your responsibility to ensure this is correct and up to date.  I cannot be held responsible for your blanket being delivered to the wrong address.  Alternatively at the time of ordering you can email me with your preferred delivery address.


Delivery is to the UK mainland and Northern Ireland.  I strive to use the best value options, but as these are heavy items, delivery costs are out of my control.  I aim to get the product to you within 3 weeks from when you order, due to me having to order the fabrics (this includes vests, stretchies and snakes).  Delivery can take up to 4 days after dispatch

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Step 2

Decide what size and weight you want your blanket.  Check the weight guide for advice.


Have a think about what sort of design you would like

Contact me either by email or on Facebook to discuss your design choice.  


I will check what is available so you can choose the final design

Select your item from the store below.


Each product has a drop down menu for you to select the weight you require


Select the correct postage cost for your area and proceed to checkout

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